The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Remix)
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If this doesn’t melt your heart idk what will.

If this doesn’t melt your heart idk what will.

Single or taken you are loved.

Teenagers act like being single is bad. It isn’t bad y’all. What’s bad is feeling like you need a boy or “man”,or whatever you call him to “make you happy” you don’t need a guy to make you special or valued. You already are valued by someone who LOVED you so much he DIED ON A CROSS FOR YOU. YOU! That should make you feel valued, loved, complete and full. Not some random guy that makes you feel full one minute and empty another. Dating isn’t bad. But letting yourself get lost in the relationship and forgetting your one true love is. Don’t forget your one true love that is Christ Jesus our Lord. I think of guys like this ; Guys are like a amusement park entertaining, fun and full of excitement, its only temporary but God is everlasting love. Remember he loved you first. Even before you came into this earth. And he will always be your one true love. We are daughters of the one true king. And he values us more then we could ever imagine. He is our one true love that will last forever. Im not saying dating is bad. Its good. But don’t let it consume you. Our true love always has his eyes one us. Ladies, don’t forget to value yourself. If you don’t value yourself and respect yourself guys won’t value or respect you. See the value you have within. Its there I promise

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Never give in♡ Stay strong lovelies♡♡♡♡

Never give in♡
Stay strong lovelies♡♡♡♡

Sexiest man alive #JohnCooper

Sexiest man alive #JohnCooper

Be careful with the words you say

Words can kill someone. When somebody says even the littlest insult, it could ruin that persons life. Even if you are just messing around its still hurtful. People fail to realize that even if someone appears to be “tough” they still have feelings. I’m sure you all are familiar with cyber bullying. It happens every day to millions of people. Coming from me I was cyber bullied not too long ago. I know people who are victims of cyberbullying. It’s NOT cool. If you just stop and think for a second before you send that message, send that text, or dm you could save a life. Stop and think. Would you want somebody doing that or saying that to you? The words that come out of your mouth can’t be taken back.
Please think before you speak.

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My ideal date

Ideal date Go mudding, horseback riding, chase each other with hoses, and laying in the back of his truck gazing at the stars.